History Guild General History Quiz 124
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History Guild General History Quiz 124

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The stories behind the questions

1. Found in the palace at Knossos, Crete, which is the only Bronze Age Aegean script to have been deciphered?

Mycenaean Linear B – A syllabic script that was used for writing Mycenaean Greek, the earliest known form of Greek. The script predates the Greek alphabet by several centuries, dating to about 1400 BC.

2. What part did Portugal play during WW1?

Allied with Britain – Portugal has been allied with Britain for the majority of the last 6 centuries, since the signing of the Anglo Portuguese Treaty in 1373. While Portugal was not initially part of WW1, German U-Boats sinking Portuguese ships lead to them entering the war in 1916. The Portuguese send a significant expeditionary force to fight in France, where the fight well. Over 12,000 Portuguese soldiers are killed.

3. In the 19th century which brewery first developed the IPA beer style?

Hodgson’s Brewery – The first brewer known to export beer to India was George Hodgson’s Bow Brewery. Its beers became popular among East India Company traders’ provisions in the late 18th century for being two miles up the Lea from the East India Docks, and Hodgson’s liberal credit terms of 18 months. His beers benefited from the conditions of the voyage and were highly regarded amongst its consumers in India.

4. When did Vladimir Putin first become President of Russia?

2000 – Winning 53% of the primary vote, Vladimir Putin became president in March 2000. He has served as either President or Prime Minister ever since.

5. In 1886 only two cities had underground train systems. Which were they?

London and Liverpool – The London underground opened in 1863, Liverpool in 1886.

6. Which of these Australian ships were sunk during WW2?

All of the above.

HMAS Sydney – Sunk by the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran off the West Australian coast in November 1941.

HMAS Canberra – Sunk by the Japanese Navy during the battle of Savo Island in August 1942.

HMAS Waterhen – Part of the Scrap Iron Flotilla, she was attacked on the Tobruk ferry run by German and Italian Junkers Ju 87 dive bombers. Sunk on 30 June 1941, she was the first ship of the Royal Australian Navy to be lost by enemy action in World War II.

7. In which year did someone first cross the USA by car?

1903 – Horatio Nelson Jackson, a 31-year-old Vermont doctor, and his 22-year-old mechanic, Sewall Crocker, became the first to cross the United States by car. The trip took 63 days.

8. Where did the interior minister say “In order to prevent revolution, we need a little victorious war.”?

Russia, 1903 – Russia around the turn of the century was seeing significant discontent. Seeking to avoid conflict with the other European powers, Russia directed it’s colonial ambitions to the East. This brought he into conflict with the Japanese two years later. Russia was soundly defeated by the Japanese, setting up the preconditions for the eventual 1917 Russian revolution.

9. In addition to their territory in France and Britain, which other regions did the Normans conquer?

Sicily – Opportunistic bands of Normans successfully established a foothold in southern Italy. Probably as the result of returning pilgrims’ stories, the Normans entered southern Italy as warriors in 1017. From these bases, the Normans eventually captured Sicily and Malta from the Saracens.

10. How many British Prime ministers served in the military during WW2?

2 – Edward Heath was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Royal Artillery, serving in North West Europe. James Callaghan was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy serving aboard the escort carrier HMS Activity in the Far East. As of 2022, Callaghan is the only living former British prime minister to be an armed forces veteran and the only one ever to have served in the Royal Navy.

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