History Guild’s success comes from our people, who are passionate about history and improving historical literacy. We would like to thank and acknowledge the work of the volunteers who are a part of this.


Cristina Santa-Isabel

Cristina’s interest in history began at university when she was studying Latin American history. Her special areas of interest are pre-Colombus Latin American history and pre-20th century Latin American history.

Cristina sees History Guild as a great resource for people to read about many different historical topics. She also appreciates the diversity of views, which allows the reader to see a variety of perspectives on historical events. She looks forward to continuing to volunteer for what she describes as an excellent cause.

Alex Moffat

Alex is a current student at RMIT University. He has always had an avid interest in learning about the past and how the it has, or potentially can, change the future. His interest in history was sparked at a young age – hearing stories about his mother’s life during the Vietnam war and how it shaped her own future here in Australia. He has found being a part of History Guild a rewarding experience and he strongly believes in the organisation’s goal of historical literacy for all.

Brandon Mifsud

Brandon is a marketing and history student at Monash University with a deep passion for ensuring that history is accessible and informative for everyone.

Shubhangee Singh

Shubhangee is completing an MBA at Deakin University. She loves reading books, listening to historical podcasts, writing and gaining a better understanding of each of the cultures of the world. Her core belief is ‘our past influences our present’ and as a result she sees history as being very important.

She volunteers for History Guild because she is captivated by the stories from history and wants to use her social media marketing skills to ensure other people have this same experience. She enjoys being a part of what is in her words ‘History Guild’s beautiful volunteering family’. Shubhangee is looking forward to helping enthral history enthusiasts for a long time to come.

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