History Guild Weekly History Quiz No.219
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Weekly History Quiz No. 219

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1. When was the Australian-England ‘Bodyline’ cricket series?

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2. Which operation was taking place on the Eastern front at the same time as the Western Allies were breaking out from Normandy in June 1944?

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3. When were sweet oranges first grown in Europe?

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4. Where was the favourite holiday destination for the Roman elite?

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5. When was the UN Charter signed?

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6. Which countries fought against each other during the Barbary Wars?

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7. Which murder trial was famous for the defence lawyer saying ‘If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit’?

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8. What cause was the long running protest camp at Greenham Common, UK campaigning for?

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9. Who was Catherine of Aragon married to prior to her marriage to Henry VIII?

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10. When was the first Aboriginal Australian commissioned as an officer in the Australian military?

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