History Guild Weekly History Quiz No.216
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Weekly History Quiz No. 216

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1. How long had the Mary Rose been in service prior to her sinking in 1545?

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2. Where was the first battle fought by Australian Army troops during WW2?

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3. Which of these countries have had the most Presidents or Prime Ministers assassinated while in office?

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4. When did ‘The troubles’ begin?

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5. Which ancient civilisation was centred on what is now Guatemala City?

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6. What is John Muir best known for?

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7. Which military leader said 'I challenge the annals of war to produce a more brilliant charge of cavalry'?

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8. Where was the politician Pericles from?

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9. Who composed 'The Marriage of Figaro' and 'The Magic Flute'?

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10. The bestselling memoir 'Chickenhawk' is Robert Mason’s account of his service in which conflict?

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