Part of the Australian 6th Division, these three field artillery regiments were formed in 1939. They were drawn from the following regions:

2/1st Field Regiment from New South Wales
2/2nd Field Regiment from Victoria
2/3rd Field Regiment from New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia
2/5th Field Regiment from Queensland and Tasmania. However this became the 2/1st Anti-Tank Regiment in 1940.

In 1940 the Field Regiments were equipped with 25-pounder artillery pieces and Morris gun tractors. They saw action supporting the 6th Divisions forces in the Western Desert before deploying to Greece as part of W force, where they saw much combat during the course of their fighting withdrawal down the length of Greece. They were forced to destroy their guns prior to leaving Greece, and took up the defence of Crete re-equipped with captured Italian and French pieces including 75 mm and 100 mm guns. The 2/3rd Field Regiment was assigned a coastal defence role at Georgiopolis, with a battery assigned to support the 2/1st Battalion and 2/11th Battalions defence of Rethimno.