History Guild Weekly History Quiz No.218
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Weekly History Quiz No. 218

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1. When did the construction of the Acropolis of Athens begin?

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2. How many Allied troops landed on the first day of the 1944 Normandy landings?

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3. Which city was the site of a public health crisis when it's water supply was contaminated with lead in 2014?

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4. Who was the first Indigenous Australian to be elected to Australian Parliament?

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5. Part of the Punic Wars, when was the decisive Battle of Zama fought?

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6. Who painted Man With Crossed Arms in 1899?

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7. Which of these religious buildings were built first?

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8. When was the oral contraceptive pill first introduced?

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9. Where did the the mathematician who was considered the 'Father of Algebra' live?

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10. Which was the first battle where Australian and US soldiers fought alongside each other?

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