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Military History & Heritage Victoria

MHHV PO Box 805 Leopold VIC 3224 Australia Website: Website

Biographical Info

MHHV is an incorporated not-for-profit association registered in Victoria.

Military History and Heritage Victoria has the following aims to:

• Encourage interest in Australian, and especially Victorian, military history and heritage in all of its forms.

• Develop and engage in activities related to the examination of military history and the preservation of military heritage in Victoria.

• Promote the interests of its members to all levels of government and within communities in Victoria.

• Promote communication and cooperation within the military history and heritage community of Victoria.

What is military history and heritage in Victoria?

MHHV includes all aspects of military history and heritage related to Victoria, Australia.

Military history includes the research, study and recording, commemoration, remembrance and education of and about past events and actions related in any way to military (land, sea and air) forces and individuals, during peace and war and at home and abroad.

Military heritage includes the significance to that military history of places, objects, equipment, memorabilia and monuments.

Taken together military history and heritage form an important part of the historical narrative of Victoria, its communities and people. Military History and Heritage Victoria recognises that military history and heritage can be represented by many kinds of individuals and organisations and in many different ways.

Organisations can include military historians, researchers and writers (amateur, professional and academic), and other practitioners of related disciplines such as living history, family history, restoration/preservation, commemoration, modelling, war-gaming, archaeology, collecting of all kinds, collections (museum and exhibition), publishing, etc.

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