Our mission is historical literacy for all. To be able to make decisions about the future it is imperative that we understand the past. We are passionate about history and want it to be more widely known and understood. We have measured how we make an impact towards this goal in order to focus our efforts. Here is how we have done so far.

Articles, Podcasts and Videos

Since History Guild was formed in 2020 we have published over 324 articles, podcasts and videos. Of these, 147 were created by History Guild authors, podcasters or videographers. The remaining articles were created by other history organisations, with History Guild increasing the audience they reached and adding relevant extra information. The total readership, viewership and listenership across these articles, podcasts and videos has been more than 1.1 million.

These articles have been referenced by many other organisations including The Independent UK, The Conversation, Wikipedia and many others.


History Guild has created and published more than 112 history quizzes. These quizzes have been taken more than 122,000 times in total.

World History Course

History Guild has developed a World History Course. This is available to anyone, is free, and consists of over 170 topics. This allows anyone to gain an extensive understanding of history from across the globe and all time periods.


History Guild has advocated for many aspects of history to be better understood and recognised. These have included better recognition of the role and impact of Women in history and better understanding of the Australian Frontier Wars. This included advocating for the Australian War Memorial to commemorate and memorialise the Frontier Wars, something that they have recently committed to do.

Supporting other History Organisations

History Guild has provided support to several other History organisations. This included providing them with history content, technical assistance, and publicity for their activities.