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1. What was the name of the airline the CIA established to covertly move agents?

Air America – Established in 1946 and covertly owned and operated by the CIA it supplied and supported covert operations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, particularly in Laos. With the end of the US involvement in the Vietnam War the company was wound up in 1976.

2. When did the Palestinian ‘Nakba’ occur?

1948 – Arabic for “disaster” or “catastrophe”, during the 1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine and the 1948 Arab–Israeli War that followed, around 750,000 Palestinian Arabs (85% of the population) fled or were expelled from their homes, out of approximately 1.2 million Arabs living in former British Mandate of Palestine.

In 1947 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a Partition Plan for Mandatory Palestine. This specified borders for new Arab and Jewish states and an area of Jerusalem to be administered by the UN under an international regime. The Palestinians rejected the plan. In December 1947, the Arab Higher Committee proclaimed a three-day strike, and Arab militias began attacking Jewish targets. The Jews were initially on the defensive as civil war broke out, but in early April 1948 moved onto the offensive.

In May 1948 Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, and Iraq entered what had been British Mandatory Palestine, launching the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. This continued for a year, before a ceasefire that saw Israeli forces in control of much of what is now Israel. Jordan occupied the West Bank and Egypt occupied Gaza.

3. Which of these technologies did humans develop first?

Farming – By 9,500 BCE humans were farming in a number of places. Evidence of wheeled vehicles exists from as early as 3500 BCE and Iron metallurgy was first developed around 3000 BCE.

4. In 1928 who made the famous ‘A Room Of One’s Own’ speech?

Virginia Woolf – Delivered in October 1928 at Newnham College and Girton College, women’s colleges at the University of Cambridge. Woolf uses metaphors to explore social injustices and comments on women’s lack of free expression. Her most essential point was, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”.

5. How long was Nelson Mandela imprisoned for?

28 years – Most of this time was spent in the infamous Robben Island prison, Mandela was released in 1990.

6. Who painted this painting in 1893?

Edvard Munch – One of the most iconic artworks ,it is seen as symbolising the anxiety of the human condition. Originally from Norway, Munch was influenced by Hans Jæger, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

7. Who was overthrown in the 1979 Iranian Revolution?

Mohammad Reza, Shah of Iran – This transformed Iran from an absolute monarchy under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, one of the leaders of the revolution and founder of the Islamic Republic. It began in January 1978 with the first major demonstrations and concluded with the approval of the new theocratic Constitution—whereby Ayatollah Khomeini became Supreme Leader of the country—in December 1979.

8. What was the name of the Spanish colony that included the modern countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela?

New Granada – Created in 1717, it existed until Simón Bolívar led an army that captured New Granada after a quick campaign in 1819 and led into independence for these modern countries.

9. Which of the following books have been banned in the UK?

All of the above – Thomas Paine was charged with treason for supporting the French Revolution and Rights of Man was briefly banned. Lady Chatterley’s Lover was banned from 1928 until 1960 and Spycatcher, by Peter Wright was banned prior to its publication in 1987. This ban was reversed the following year.

10. How many aircraft did Manfred von Richthofen shoot down during WW1?

80 – The highest scoring ace of the war, he led the large fighter wing Jagdgeschwader I.

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