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Oradour-sur-Glane, a town whose people were massacred by the SS Panzer Division Das Reich

Oradour Sur Glane was once a thriving village community in West-Central France. Vibrant coffee shops and restaurants lined the streets, and a tram connected the 648 residents to the nearby city of Limoges. Everything changed on 10th June 1944, when the SS Panzer Division Das Reich massacred the men, women, and children. Only six people survived. The SS soldiers herded Oradour’s men into barns and outbuildings, and locked the women and children inside the village church.

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Battle of One Tree Hill, Australian Frontier Wars

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The Battle of One Tree Hill in 1843 was one of the largest battles in the Australian frontier wars, taking place at what is now known as Tabletop Mountain, Toowoomba, QLD. A confederation of Aboriginal nations lead by Jagera man Multuggerah overwhelmed a group of armed European settlers who were attempting to occupy the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley. This group of Aboriginal nations was known as the mountain tribes alliance and brought together several groups who hadn’t traditionally been aligned with each other.

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