History Guild Weekly History Quiz No.220
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Weekly History Quiz No. 220

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1. Ruling in the 12th century, who was one of the most powerful Queens of Jerusalem?

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2. Which group used direct and at times violent action in their campaign for the right for Women to vote in Britain?

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3. What was the surname of the British Royal Family prior to 1917?

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4. Which country was the deadliest sniper of WW2 from?

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5. When was 'The Lord of the Rings' published?

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6. Who was the American president during the ‘Black Thursday’ Wall Street crash?

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7. How did Roman ruler Hadrian describe himself?

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8. The ‘Field of the Cloth of Gold’ was an international summit between which two countries?

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9. Who were the first climbing team to summit Mt Everest and return alive?

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10. By what other title is Charlemagne known?

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