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Malta’s key Mediterranean location. Wikipedia.
Italian bombing of the Grand Harbor, Malta.
Italian S.M. 79 bomber. Wikipedia.
Gloster Gladiator. Wikipedia.
HMAS Sydney
Supply Assistant Gordon Hill
  • the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, 
  • the battleship HMS Nelson,  
  • The battlecruiser HMS Renown
  • Four cruisers
  • 18 destroyers, including HMAS Nestor 
Sgt. L. Le Guay from Sydney, Official photographer of the Royal Australian Air Force, Sgt. Pilot R. Quine from Brisbane, Sgt. Pilot R. O. Patterson. AWM.

Interactive Map of Malta during WW2

Lt. J.W. “Slim” Yarra onboard HMS Eagle prior to departing for Malta.
R.A.A.F Squadron Leaders R.N.B. Stevens and J. Bartle, Commanding Officers of Fighter Squadrons discussing operations with several Pilots outside the operations room in Malta.
Life among the ruins of Valletta. Wikipedia.
A Malta convoy under air attack. Wikipedia.
The ruins of the Royal Opera House in Valletta were finally converted into an open air theatre in 2013.

Podcasts about the Siege of Malta

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